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Be Prepared
Be Prepared
Monday, December 08, 2014
Are You Prepared for Fire?

Are your Animals Prepared for a Fire?


Do you know a safe place and how to get to it?

Here are some important steps to consider:

Prepare your property
Recognise extreme days
Practice your drill including moving animals is you have decided to do this.
Have several options for travel- roads may be blocked or the fire could be coming from that direction.
Have several options as to where you will go and if they can take your animals.
Carry as much water and food as you can- you may be away from your home for some time. In Kinglake (Victoria) there wasn’t any water or power available for 6 months.
Ensure you have a battery powered radio to listen to for information on the direction and condition of the fire.
Pack your bags with anything you wish to save.
Fill buckets with water-humans and animals will dehydrate in extreme conditions
Fire moves faster going up hill
After fire has passed wet animals down especially their feet. If a horse has shoes on the heat from the ground will travel up through the shoes and nails.

Contact your local emergency services for advice prior to an extreme day.

Radiant Heat
Radiant Heat
Monday, December 02, 2013
Radiant heat is extremely dangerous and the biggest killer in a fire.
Radiant heat produced by the Black Saturday fires was estimated to be 50,000 times stronger than the heat from a domestic heater.
Tips to protect yourself – cover all your skin with non synthetic clothing, wear sturdy boots, hat, eye protection. Take protection from the heat inside or behind a solid object such as a brick wall. Keep the fluids up.
Remember your animals will suffer the same problems, the same information goes for them to.
Remove any synthetic rugs. Horses have been shrink wrapped in this type of rug. Fire Shield rugs are 100% cotton so will help to protect you animals from flying embers and heat.
Being 100% cotton the animal is able to cool down faster.
We will make the rugs, boots, halters to your measurements.
Keep safe.

Safety Clothing
Safety Clothing
Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Safety Clothing
Humans and animals need to be treated the same when a fire is near. Cotton fabrics are essential. FIRE SHIELD COMBO IS 100% COTTON. The same fabric that the emergency services staff wear. Synthetics can melt onto the body. Even wool mix socks have been known to melt onto the leg due to the intense heat. Wear long pants and cover the horses legs and feet with the FIRE SHIELD BOOT. Protect yourself with a wide brimmed hat, sturdy gloves and shoes. NOT sneakers as these will melt. Goggles to protect your eyes. If you don’t prepare yourself then you will not be able to handle your stock.

Fire Shield Animal Protection - Protect your stock and other animals from heat and flying embers during a bushfire
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