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Having horses and other animals all of her life, Heather realised that animals carry pain and stress the same as humans. Heather spent quite a number of years studying and researching their anatomy and physiology and their specific needs. This included their stress after a traumatic incident. Heather says "You may pay a premium for this quality product but the cost of treatment to save an animal affected by fire and related injuries is much higher."

This and the Victorian fires inspired Heather to research the needs of animals in fire or emergency situations, with the idea of protecting them as much as possible from injury due to people not seeing them in thick smoke or at night when they are on the road due to fences being cut or burnt. She also decided their paws/hooves needed protection from hot soil, melted plastics and other hot objects lying around after a fire so is now developing heat resistant "boots" for animals.

Heather has a diploma in Bowen therapy and has been treating both humans and animals for many years. She also has certificates in photonic therapy and large animal rescue and attends workshops and events organised by Horse SA including the Large Animal Rescue workshops.

She has a broad range of experience in treating hearing, working dogs and native, animal fence and horse fencing in both South Australia and Victoria.

Heather continues to dedicate her life to the care and welfare of all animals.
Fire Shield Animal Protection products are designed to keep your animals safe and visible in all emergency situations. Whether its a fire or storm, day or night our high quality, fire resistant, hi-viz products will increase the chances of your animals survival and reduce the stress and trauma that all animals suffer in critical circumstances.

•  Assist in protecting your animals from flying embers
•  No synthetic content to melt onto the animal
•  Combo Rugs are made with100% cotton. The same fabrics our Emergency Services staff wear
•  Owners contact information can be written on the reflective strips to enable speedy return of an
    animal if lost during an emergency situation.
•  Fire resistant halters are also available
• Combo Rugs can be made to measure
Fire Shield Animal Protection - Protect your stock and other animals from heat and flying embers during a bushfire
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